everybody understands me


-but i wish nobody understood me.”

Things I do when I’m moody:

  • write
  • read
  • listen
  • delete and unfollow
  • paint my walls

I’m currently in a mood. Not entirely sure what to label it, but certainly a mood. I feel sorry for myself, proud of myself, inspired, discouraged, pissed off, and content all in the same breath.

I’m currently writing in a tiny notebook everyday, as to not forget the little things. Mostly consists of pointless lists, small observations and an inventory of my what’s in my brain. I give myself a sweet pat on the back for continuing, year after year, to try to remember to do this and make it a habit. Good luck in 2017, sirmanthir.

I ordered four books on Amazon. I will devour them as soon as I get my hands on them.

This album. Genuinely non-stop. I find it an appropriate representation of the train wreck that was my dating life of 2016.

This point is self explanatory.  It goes hand in hand with not feeling bad for sticking up for myself.

I am scheming to paint my bathroom navy.

All of this seems rather incoherent and pointless, but I look forward to reading this in six months and remembering what I meant in all these cryptic and vague sentences. I dunno, maybe not, but I’m moody so I don’t care.








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