The Graduate


I graduated college.


Looking back brings a lot of memories and experiences, both good and bad. Generally speaking, the last 3 1/2 years have been some of the hardest of my short life thus far. I had to ask myself a lot of difficult questions and learn how to just deal and adjust to the unforeseen and unplanned.

I can’t believe that once it was all said and done, I only spent 2 full years living in Davis. I started to love it towards the end. The learning curve for living there was quite high, but I like to think that I finally came around.

Living in London during my third year was a dream come true; cheesy but so true. And I was apprehensive about returning for my last quarter this fall, but it was the best quarter I had. The best house, housemates, friends, and classes (besides stats). 

My housemates challenged me to think of some of the best experiences I had during my time at UC Davis, and I contemplated my answers for quite some time. So here’s the list of the greatest/weirdest/most memorable things that I did while at Davis.

  • I’ll always remember how well I got along with my freshman roommate, and how we met in the most serendipitous way. She was the friend and roommate I really needed that first year, she was so creative and silly and fun. And I’ll remember how I let her cut and die my hair multiple times (#diyhaircuts).
  • My sophomore year, I ran a half marathon. I have no idea how I actually did that but I did.
  • The countless times I drove into the city to be with Emma. San Francisco will always be a special little place for me because of all the time we spent there.
  • I took a few dance classes throughout my years, mostly ballet and contemporary, and I’m so glad I did. I got to relive my glory days of high school and it’s the perfect release.
  • I acquired the habit of being really hungry (usually after not eating much all day) so I would take myself to In-n-Out and eat in my car in the parking lot. I did this a lot that it became a thing of mine that I just did.
  • I went line dancing. At a country music bar. And I had the best time.
  • My infamous bike accident: I ran straight into a pole, long story. Embarrassing but quite a silly story now. No permanent damage to my body or the overalls I was wearing when it happened.

Despite all the academic knowledge I acquired, the most essential knowledge I gained during my college years was how to create a balance and how to deal with things I quite frankly did not want to do. I learned to say yes to more things, no to others, and (as Grandma Jane always reminds me) to just keep smiling.

I’m not terribly sad that my college years are behind me now; I enjoyed them the best I could and I came out of it feeling the most assured in who I am and how I’d like to continue to grow. I learned a lot and will cherish that, but I have a lot of new things to look forward to.


As always, thanks a mil to my mother and father. You are both incredibly inspirational and consistently motivate me, and I can’t thank you enough.

Photos by the incredible Hannah Morgan.


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