Emma Turns 21


This past weekend was Emma’s 21st birthday, so I headed to the city to celebrate my girl.  I got into the city Friday afternoon and met E at her work then we headed to meet some of her other friends to do an ice cream crawl, where we hit up Smitten and Bi-Rite Creamery.

Saturday we headed out downtown, with intentions of going to the Ferry Building’s farmer’s market, but decided against it last minute because Saturday’s are crazy for the farmer’s market. We ended up in Old Navy and went for a walk around before heading to the Marina with enough time to browse the shops before our cooking class at Sur La Table.  The class we took was all about tarts, so we made one autumnal quiche, a mini pumpkin pie with chocolate ganache, and an apple tart. I had so much fun, although we both knew how to make the tarts, it was a really fun experience and renewed our passion to perhaps pursue culinary school and other food-related endeavors.  Cooking classes are always a great place to pick up some tips and tricks from great chefs!

After the class, we headed back to Emma’s apartment for some R&R, before grabbing some snacks (including pumpkin seeds) to get snuggled in for our Halloween movie night. Then once the clock struck 12am, Emma turned 21! We luckily got to sleep in the next morning (thanks daylight savings!) then got ready to go to brunch at Plow.  The length of the wait didn’t scare us off, and we ended up enjoying a very yummy (and farm fresh) brunch, where Emma ordered her first mimosa.

We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and hanging out, before I left to go back to Davis in the evening.  It was such a fun weekend celebrating my best girl and we certainly celebrated in our typical fashion.

IMG_1499 12182706_516222755204037_8030072216604422791_o IMG_1451 SIFR3899 IMG_7400 IMG_1446


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