This One Time in San Francisco


It’s been about a month since I decided a needed a quick getaway, so I escaped away to San Francisco for some quality girl time with Emma and Natalie.  It was quite an active filled couple days, so I’ll try my best to recreate what I did!

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I’m wearing: Jumpsuit, available here | Hat (similar) | Shoes | Bag

I arrived early Sunday morning, where Natalie picked me up from the airport (Nat, you really have a knack for picking me up from airports). We headed to Emma’s so I could drop off my stuff, then we grabbed some lattes and massive almond croissants at a cute lil coffee shop just steps away from Emma’s apartment.  We then headed down towards to stadium for a pre-game beer at 21st Amendment, but not just any beer, a watermelon beer.  Next it was onto the Giants game where we had Club Level seats, thanks to a family friend of Nat’s.  There was obviously hot dogs and peanuts involved.  The game ended around mid-afternoon (sidetone: I LOVE day games, they’re just the best!) so we headed to the Dogpatch to meet up with Natalie’s friends for a food truck festival. The location was very industrial, quite a cool background in my opinion. By the time we had eaten our way through the festival, it was almost 5pm and I was ready for a shower, so I headed back to Emma’s for some R&R for the night.


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I’m wearing: Overalls | Flats (similar)

Monday I met up with my friend Megan, who I met in London last year and lives in the Bay Area. We went to Fillmore Street for some brunch at the Grove, then walked our way to Alta Loma Park. After a good few hours of catching up, she was off and I walked back to Emma’s, enjoying the unusually warm and sunny summer weather in the city. I then waited for Emma to return so that we could head down to the Ferry Building to catch the ferry to Marin. Tuesday we planned on hitching a ride with Natalie to Davis, so we headed to her house the night before. Once we were in Marin, we had to go to Sol Food, the best (and only) Puerto Rican restaurant I’ve been to. This time I had the limeade, and it did not disappoint.

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I’m wearing: Dress (similar) | Shoes

The next day we headed out to Davis, where I got some internship work done, saw a few people, and stopped by a house that I was potentially subletting (update: I am currently living there). We headed back to Natalie’s in the late afternoon, only to stop for happy hour and Old Navy, where I got black overalls! I am seriously in love with Old Navy, more on that later. Emma and I hopped straight on the ferry back to the city, and enjoyed a night in.

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I’m wearing: Overalls | Top (similar)

Emma is wearing: Overalls | Top (similar)

The next morning, we had a lie in and took a long walk to Whole Food’s, just walkin and talkin. I honestly don’t really remember what else we did, but I know I braided Emma’s hair and then we proceeded to dress unintentionally similar for our dinner date with Natalie at Techo de Lolinda in the Mission. What can I say, we just both love overalls and stripes.

Thursday, we met Natalie at the park in the morning, then spent the afternoon doing whatever it is that we do, before we headed downtown so I could catch BART to the airport.  I tried my best to vlog during this trip, but only seemed to remember to whip out my camera when I was sitting down, traveling. Check out my quick lil video I put together of the traveling I did.

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me! Have a great week! xx


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