The History of Hats


Let’s start off this post with a little story. See that hat below? Well that little hat had quite the journey. Way back in November in London, Mom, Grandma and I went to Borough Market and on the way to Tate Modern, I stopped by Oliver Bonas and spotted this hat, in all its felt, flat brimmed glory. I wore that hat all day, feeling super confident and loving my new hat. At the end of the day, I got off at my tube station, the train started to depart, and wind whipped through platform like never before. Before I could grab it, my hat flew off and landed in the tracks. And it was never found again. I could have easily bought a new one, but I thought maybe it was a sign to put that hat to rest.

Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect hat. If you follow my tumblr, you’ll know I’m sort of obsessed.  I have a few contenders in my closet, in a dusty pink, a black, and a dark green. I love how they are all so casual with wide, floppy brims. But ever since the hat incident last fall, I’ve been on the hunt for a wide brimmed yet flat brimmed hat. It wasn’t until last week when I found it; the perfect one from Urban Outfitters, seen in the first picture.  I’ve been wearing it almost every day since.

I love how a simple hat can transform an outfit, giving it a little spice and a certain level of cool. That’s my little history of hats, and knowing myself, I’m sure the collection will continue to grow.
Old but similar hereIMG_0540Old but similar hereIMG_0532Old but similar here


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