Goodbye London


I’ve been slightly MIA, and I guess for good reason. I moved home from London last Monday, and up to that point, I was focused on spending my last few weeks with friends and getting some sites off my to do list. I finished my school year officially about two weeks ago, which left a solid week of no obligations! I had Sadie with me for about 10 days in early May, and it was such a treat having my hometown pal to hang out with and show off some parts of London.  To be honest, a lot of the last few weeks was a blur and a whirlwind. The last three days I do remember pretty well, as they were pretty dang great! Each night of the weekend, we ate at my three favorite restaurants, had some sleepovers, went to Brick Lane, and got to spend time with all my friends. It was such a dreamy weekend! Probably the best I’ve ever had.

Then came Monday. Monday was the day. It was hard to fully grasp what was happening, but after a week or so, I’ve (sort of) been able to collect my thoughts.

I felt ready to come home. I had done everything I wanted to do during my eight months in London, saw the sites, visited other countries, met the BEST friends I’ve ever had, and felt like I wasn’t just a visitor, but a Londoner myself. I had such an amazing, incredible, fulfilling experience that was everything I could’ve hoped for. I feel the most sad about being so far from my friends, but the fact I even met them and cultivated such meaningful relationships is such a beautiful thing that I’ll always be thankful for. I felt ready to come home, to continue on with the next part of my life, but some exciting things are happening around here for little old me! I’m not sure how my London experience will continue to affect me throughout my life, but after only a week of being home, I feel good. I feel happy and look at those eight months as some of the most formulating months that make me who I am. Okay, enough with the cheesy bits. Here is a statistical look at my time in London, just to recap:

I had 2 jobs, Honest Burgers and Anthropologie

I wrote 14 essays, plus 3 for my exam

8 visitors from home

Ate at Homeslice 14 times

I visited 5 countries, including France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, and Germany

I visited 7 English towns

Met my 3 best mates

I would have to say that the last year has been unlike anything I’ve ever done or experienced, and I am sure that I’ll continue to reap the benefits of my time there. Below are some random pictures from my last few weeks. Be sure to stick around because I plan on continuing blogging now that I am home!


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



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