IMG_1530I figured that I would do a little catch up before I forget what happened.  Thursday was meant to be a studying day, but instead turned into a shopping/browsing/eating day with Clara and Kezia. We ended up going to a neighborhood fete near Warwick Avenue and met some of Kezia’s family that live near there. We enjoyed the afternoon sun and pulled pork sandwiches.  It was probably the cutest pub I have ever been to!

The weekend wasn’t too exciting, as I basically just worked and then did school work. But by Sunday, I had finished my last coursework essays of the year! That’s fourteen essays people! I’m feeling rather accomplished, as I turned in the hardcopies today.

I’ve continued trying to eat healthier and exercise more often, which has gone well so far.  My new favorite running route is through Regent’s Park up to Primrose Hill.  Since it stays light late, it’s my favorite to start at about 8pm and get to the top of the hill just as the sun sets. One day in particular, it was quite warm and incredibly clear, so once I got my sweaty self up to the top, the view was incredible. I had a little moment to myself just looking at the skyline, wishing I had brought a camera with me.  I’m sure the camera wouldn’t have captured it quite right; it was so beautiful! Besides running, I’ve also done more yoga, using YouTube videos, which has helped me feel stronger and overall healthy! Don’t get me wrong though, sometimes I’ll treat myself to some sweets, but generally cutting out refined sugar has helped me feel lighter and less sluggish.

I have about two more weeks until my exam, so until then I’ll be doing a combination of studying, hanging out with friends, possibly traveling, and getting in my last minute London stuff.

Thanks for reading!

IMG_1517 IMG_1521

IMG_1688 IMG_1679 IMG_1676 IMG_1687


2 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Sammy, Looks like great fun. I am glad to see that you have continued with your health y living. I have been seeing a few more beers in your post. That’ my girl!!! I am looking forward to having a beer with you soon. Love Papa. MS


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