My mom and I went to Berlin about two weeks ago. After each excursion I go on, I try not to compare it to any other place I’ve been to, but I think out of all the places I’ve traveled this year, Berlin was the most striking.  As a history nerd, I knew a lot of history had happened there within the past century. And in ways, I could feel the heaviness of that history and see how the city was attempting to rebuilt itself. It was quite fascinating. One of my absolute favorite parts of Berlin was the day Mom and I took a four hour walking tour. Now if you know me at all, it may be shocking I agreed to a guided tour, but it was seriously so interesting because our guide was very knowledgable and we saw sites of incredible moments in history. Besides, the walking tour, Nan and I visited the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which was incredible and extremely important to see. We did some window shopping near Alexanderplatz, figured out how to use the U and the S, and had fun trying to pronounce the German names. We wandered to the East Side Gallery from our airbnb in the Neukölln (have fun saying that) area and saw the longest portion of the Berlin Wall. We ventured out to Charlottenburg Palace and roamed the gardens.  Overall, the experience was really interesting and very thought provoking; traveling has a way of doing that, but in my travels this year, Berlin was the most striking in that sense.

IMG_1632 IMG_1628 IMG_1621 IMG_1626 IMG_1634 IMG_1651 IMG_1638


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