Catching Up


In lieu of the past few weekly updates that I’ve failed to upload and pictures I’ve failed in taking, I’ll just give general updates from memory and a few pictures from having my family visit.

But before all that fun stuff happened, I had a very intense period of getting essays finished, they were all done and sorted on time, so I am a free (for a bit). In the midst of my last week of class, Coleman came for a visit, and we basically spend the days eating, walking, talking, and seeing a few exhibitions on. One night we went out with my group of friends which was jolly good and we had a giggly, fun time!

Then mom and dad came to stay, and whilst the four of us were together we saw the Churchill War Rooms, which is a must if you’re in London and a history freaks like us Sawyers. It was really incredible and such a lovely exhibition. One day, the four of us popped down to Brighton for a mosey around, seeing the seaside was so nice! Although the weather was rubbish, windy, rainy, freezing cold, we still had a nice time with a relaxing lunch, a wander around some shops, then coffee before heading back to London.

Then Coleman headed back home while mom, dad, and I headed to the Cotswalds for a few days to do some walking and spending time in the countryside. We spent two full days walking through the villages, totaling 30 miles all together! We all were a bit sore and very muddy. I think I speak for us all when I say that was the most enjoyable part! We loved being outdoors, seeing wildlife and the absolutely beautiful English countryside. Not to mention the 400 year old hotels and B&Bs we stayed in! So cute.

This past Thursday, Dad was headed off towards home whilst mom and I went to Westminster Abbey and then some shopping after lunch. We called it an early night, mom has a cold, before I work Friday and Saturday, meeting mom on my lunch breaks.

We are headed to Berlin tomorrow morning for a few days, which I have finally had time to think about just now! I’m off to get some sleep before the early alarm tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading and I will catch ya on the flip side. Have a lovely Easter weekend and check back soon for some new posts!


IMG_1548 IMG_1550 IMG_1559 IMG_1560 IMG_1562 IMG_1610 IMG_1586 IMG_1588 IMG_1612 IMG_1602 IMG_1598


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