The Weekly Update


A little tardy for the party, but nonetheless, this is what I got up to last week.

Monday, I can’t remember what I did in the morning, I’m assuming nothing important because a) it was Monday and b) it was in the morning. Later, I went into work for a few hours and guess what? I STOPPED A THEIF. Yep that’s right. I was near the door greeting customers for the hour, when this guy took off half a rack of jeans. I walked over casually to start talking to him, not really sure what was happening. Then he asked me if a jacket was correctly priced, I said yes, then he left, with the jeans just laying on the table. I was really confused and didn’t really know what happened until later in the week someone from corporate came back to look over the security camera. Basically, Sammy dearest saved the day and the store 2,000£. Pretty cool eh?

Tuesday, I met my class at the Whitechapel Gallery for the Adventures of the Black Square exhibit, dealing with Abstract art and society. It was so cool! Coleman, if you’re reading, we will have to go there! It was one of my favorite exhibitions yet. Then I headed home for lunch and a little R&R before heading to campus for my class (it was a snoozer, unfortunately). I checked out some books from the library before heading to HTB for Students. Always a good time, then headed home. What I realized is I spend so much time there! It starts at 7 and I usually don’t get home until near 11. It’s a nice little midweek pick me up, being around some of my favorite humans.

Wednesday, I worked all day. I was about to write “nothing out of the ordinary” but then I remembered on my lunch break, I headed to the post office and then Waitrose for lunch and remembered that it was such a beautiful day that I didn’t even wear a coat!!! Woah woah woah, that is unheard of since early October! Unfortunately, that little heat wave didn’t last. And by heatwave, I mean it was maybe 50 degrees.

Thursday was another full day at uni. I remember I didn’t feel very well after class, so went straight to bed with a huge jug of water. I’ve discovered that 95% of my not feeling well is because I haven’t drank enough water.

I spent Friday in the library prepping for my essay, reading books, taking notes, and the like. Then I headed to work for a bit, then enjoyed a nice relaxing evening at home. I seem to love doing that. Something I’ve gotten down this year is to thoroughly enjoy my time alone, I am never bored and always find something to do.

Saturday I was at the library for SIX HOURS. It actually didn’t feel that long to be honest, but I was determined to write my entire paper, which I did. Yay! Then I headed home for some Netflix and browsing/applying for summer internships.

Sunday! I worked at 9 until 2, another great day! Have I mentioned that I love my job? Well yep, I love it. After work, I purchased a lipstick and put my debit card in my pocket. Mistake. I was walking toward Oxford Street when I realized it wasn’t in my pocket anymore. I called work to ask if I left it and started heading back (in the rain) to retrace my steps and scour the ground for my card. Then I got a text from my bank saying my card was canceled. So basically, whoever found my card on the ground called to cancel it. How nice!! I was very relieved. It does mean an extra trip for the bank for me, but I am so thankful for kind people doing kind acts! After the card drama, I ran a few errands to pick up a few things, which I will show you sometime soon. After a little shopping, I stopped at a cafe for a sandwich while I edited my paper. Then I headed to church, heard a great sermon on feminism (incredible) and then headed home to finish my paper completely, a little Skype sesh with Samuel, got ready for bed, brushed my hair for the first time in six months (!) and listened to a podcast of This American Life. All in all, a great, busy day!

Thanks for tuning in to this weeks installment. Hope you are having a lovely Monday!


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