Minimalism: Two


So I have a confession…I sort of failed at my own challenge this week. Not an epic fail, but I am the first to admit that I didn’t do the best. Although there are seven tasks listed below, it’s still kind of a fail.  Well you see, I did most of these activities in one day while ignoring the challenge most other days, lets just say Sunday was the big winner. But all negatives aside, I’ll explain each task I completed:

Go bare faced

On Sunday, I still continued on with my daily skincare routine, more on that later, but I didn’t put a drop of makeup on. Although I’m not one to cake it on, it was still refreshing to go without.

Leave a whole day unplanned

I was actually quite excited about this one, a challenge I had actually thought out before ironically. I left it up to fate on Friday and you can read about what I got up to here.

Don’t buy anything for 24 hours

I didn’t purchase a single thing on Sunday! I hope to practice this more often, meaning that I’ll have to plan ahead food wise, but regardless I think it’s a pretty cool idea.

Turn off notifications

Again, Sunday was the day for these little challenges. I even turned my phone completely off (gasp) and once I did turn it back on later, I kept it on do not disturb. Unplugging feels really refreshing, so I hope to do so more often!

No TV all day read instead

This was aided by the fact that I bought myself a few new books this past weekend. I spent the better half of Sunday reading my book and didn’t even think to pick up my iPad to watch Netflix.

Practice single tasking

I’m cheating and counting reading as single tasking. However, I think this is something so important that I seriously need to be conscious of and incorporate more often! I’m a serial multi tasker, I can’t help myself. But there is the odd occasion when I’ll just sit in silence on the tube, without my iPod on or a book in hand. It’s calming of the mind to focus on a single action, so I am urging myself to do this more.

Define your goals for this year

This one is tough I think. But then I realize that I just want to keep goals simple so that I can be surprised and delighted by any of my efforts produce a positive end. This year, I am aiming to graduate from college, continue to strive to regularly exercise (with motivation!), and to create as much as possible. That last one is quite  broad covering many mediums and subjects, but you get the point.


Thanks for tuning into my challenge for this past week. Let’s hope that I’ll do a little better for this upcoming week!



image via tumblr


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