The Weekly Update

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Ah, yet another Sunday has come to an end, which means that one, I just gave myself a fresh manicure and two, I’m writing this post. More on that at-home manicure later. For now, this is what the first week of March look like for me.

Monday morning bright and early, my dearest Adi left and I was headed off to work until mid afternoon. The day did not get much more interesting, as I had readings to attend to and relaxing to do. I did enjoy a few leftovers from Homeslice the night before, typing this makes me crave pizza.

Tuesday, I popped on over to Tate Britain for my art history class which addressed the topic of popular culture and the public sphere. Then I had a lunch break before my second class which ended at six, then straight after I headed down to Soho to GBK to meet up with my friends. After dinner, the group split up and a few of us headed towards Piccadilly Circus, where we browsed around Boots, M&M World (didn’t actually eat any though) and I got a Cinnabon (American nostalgia).

Wednesday morning was a generally chilled day, I took my time getting ready for work in the afternoon, and that is about it. I think this is the day I FaceTimed with Coleman, but I can’t really remember. For sure I did sometime last week. I am starting to think I have a bad memory.

Thursday was a full day of class ending at four, and once the clock strikes four, I am a free woman for the weekend. When I came home after class, I started the NPR podcast Serial. And dang it is amazing.  I probably listened to about five episodes, but then it got towards bedtime and I didn’t want scary dreams so I listened to one episode of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, which lifted my spirits before sleep.

Friday I had no plans, which was part of my minimalist challenge, more on that later. Before I forget, Friday and Saturday were sunny and so beautiful! Spring is gonna be real good if it looks anything like these days. Man oh man, the freedom of having no plans was great! I woke up fairly early and opted for a quiet morning before heading out to do something. All I knew was that I was keen on a cinnamon bun. I headed to the Nordic Bakery just off Regent’s Street for a simple midday snack, the aforementioned cinnamon bun, and a hot chocolate. I made it a mission to break out of my shell and take some cheeky/sneaky photos using my film camera and I managed to finish a roll of film (yay!) It was actually quite invigorating snapping a few of a sweet old lady next to her flower stand and a business man giving me a weird look after he heard the loud shutter of my old camera. Anyway, after taking a few photos of the cafe afterwards, I headed to Whole Foods in Piccadilly Circus, where I got some lotion, watermelon juice, and SPF, which living in England I find to be wishful thinking. But as my father is a survivor of skin cancer, I thought it is necessary. Then I meandered the shops on Regent Street, before hopping on a bus towards my uni. I had lugged my computer with me in my tote in hopes of being productive in real life matters (internships, emails, etc, etc) but no such luck ensued. I found myself at Waterstone’s aimlessly looking at the books and determined to leave with a new read. Actually, make that two. I came out with a Jack Kerouac book and another book by the author who wrote Where’d You Go Bernadette. After heading home to nap and proceed with the Serial episodes, I meet up with Clara and Kezia for a late night dinner, which turned into take away back at my flat. I remember the good ole days of never having to wait more than 20 minutes for a table. In central London, 1 hour waits don’t surprise me anymore.

Saturday, I met up with my friend Lina somewhere in East London for a 1£ thrifting extravaganza. It was great to chat and catch up, since I hadn’t seen her in a few weeks. But amongst the angsty teens and punky peeps, I had a self discovery moment that maybe I’m not meant for grungy pop-up thrift stores in warehouses. RIP to the punk goddess circa 2008-2010. Anyway, after Lina got some pants for free because they didn’t have change for a 10, we headed to our beloved Honest Burger, where we both used to work, for a delightful meal. I still love that place, and don’t get me started on the burgers. I headed off to work for a fun, short shift and came back home to finish the last episode of Serial and start one of my new books.

And here we are on Sunday. I took the liberty of making today a “Samantha is going to read a book all day” kind of day. I finished one book and an on to another. Sundays are also my allocated DIY manicure day, so after that, I watched Good Will Hunting. Not bad for a lazy Sunday.

Thanks for reading and see ya later.














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