Minimalism: One


One week down of the 30 day minimalism challenge. These are the daily challenges I’ve put myself up to during this past week. It’s not too late to join in! Check out this post that details the challenges. You don’t have to commit to the full 30 days, I think just even incorporating a few of the activities can be helpful. Anyway, here goes my list:

Let go of a goal

This one was tough one for me, but something that I had been thinking about for a while.  Since I’m only living in the UK for a limited amount of time, that equals having a limited amount of time (and funds to be honest) to travel around Europe and the UK. Although there are cities and countries on my to do list, I’ve realized that crossing off every place is not going to happen within my remaining months. I’ve let go of my goal of traveling far and wide and have really narrowed down my top picks as well as opportune times to travel. Nothing is concrete at the moment, but I feel like letting go of this for now has been important, not to mention realistic. Of course, I will always have the travel bug, but life can’t all happen at once.

Identify your stress triggers

This was harder than you would think, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the main trigger of stress for me is thinking ahead. If I keep my mind focused on the present, whether that means one day at a time, or more recently, one hour at a time, I can lower stress levels. I get anxious and start to compulsively plan out the future, both near and far, but keeping myself on top of my current day and hour settles me, at least a little bit.

Unfriend and unfollow
Sounds harsh right? But narrowing down who I choose to friend/follow declutters my social media.  Although I only use Facebook at the moment, I had to unfortunately unfriend some people but after all it’s just a website. I think it’s silly to take things like that too seriously.
Streamline your reading list
I use Bloglovin to read the blogs I follow, and similar to the unfriend/unfollow activity, I unfollowed some blogs that I found myself bypassing new posts and not taking the time to thorough enjoy. P.S. If you use Bloglovin too be sure to follow along over there!
Clear your junk drawer
My one desk drawer is a catch all for most of my stuff, so I had a good cleanse and organization of papers, stationary, a spare magnet (?) and my assortment of washi tape along with a folder of important school work.
Clean out your closet
Ah, quite possibly my favorite thing to do. I had a good clear out of my closet a few weeks ago, but I did a little bit more, seeing as I purchased a few new things for work uniform and spring, although spring has yet to come in London. Anyway, now the real bit is to actually donate the clothes I’ve cleared rather than the bag just sitting in my room. That is now added to my to do list.
Examine daily habits
Honestly, each day is quite different than the next. I usually wake up, or at least open my eyes, at around 7:30 and/or 8:30. Some days I am up and at ’em, and others, like today, I feel lethargic for a bit.  I always do my skin care regime in the morning and at night, without fail, there will be a post on those soon! I always bring my planner with me and write down lists and daily activities. I check Facebook and Bloglovin too often. I’m quite inclined to nap. I drink loads of water. Other than those things, my daily happenings are quite sporadic.
Be sure to check back next Tuesday for another weeks worth of minimalist activities!
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2 thoughts on “Minimalism: One

  1. This is an inspiration to me! I think I have the same stress trigger – have to work on that. You have some great ideas! Thanks for sharing.🌾


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