February Favorites


In an attempt to blog more, I’m starting this new series were I quickly chat about a few stand outs from each month.  At the end of January, I popped into Lush and picked up two items: the mask of magnanimity and the mint julips lip scrub. Two winter essentials in my opinion.  The mask is a classic green mask with a punch of peppermint that feels amazing on the skin and also is somewhat exfoliating when taking it off. I’ve had some real trouble with dry lips this winter and I found that this lip scrub works wonders on exfoliating and moisturizing, and i’m a sucker for the minty ting.  After the lip scrub and several times throughout the day, I use the classic Carmex to moisture my lips.  After a few failed lip balms, Carmex is my tried and true cure for dry lips.  Speaking of dry skin, I’ve used my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer almost daily to provide a bit more moisture and life to my skin.


Next is this turquoise pouch I bought at work last week and I have been loving it. I usually carry around a reusable tote as my everyday bag and I am prone to digging around for much needed essentials like my favorite hand cream, Soap and Glory Hand Food, bandaids or plasters, and my all time favorite pens ever, Pilot G-2 07. These are the exact pens that my dad uses and I’m just a chip off the old block when it comes to pen choice.


Last, but certainly not least, is my film camera.  Samuel bought this as a very early birthday present for me back in January when he visited, and I have finally whipped this bad boy out in the month of February.  I have a little something something planned for the film I will shoot in the next coming months and I am so excited to be back shooting. Winding film and the sound of the shutter is just pure magic. I’m definitely spoiled for the early gift, but man oh man, this buddy has been quite possibly the most important staple item I’ve used this month.

Can you believe it’s already March?! I say it every month but time truly just flies! I am however looking forward to slightly warmer weather to come, although the cold shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Wishful thinking I suppose!


3 thoughts on “February Favorites

  1. Omg I love that Lush mask it’s amazing! I love Lush in general, their products are so awesome! I have their Valentine’s Lip scrub and cannot be more in love ♥ I have to try Mint Julips when I run out~


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