The Weekly Update


After a few weeks off, the weekly update is back! Here is a look back at the happenings of the last week of February.

Monday, I had two deadlines Monday morning, so as soon as I turned them in online, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders, although I have four more essays before the year is over…I spent the rest of the day with a little post-essay writing nap and caught up on some readings for Tuesday, and just generally relaxed.

Tuesday was quite a good one! I woke up early to run a few errands before art history lecture at the Tate Modern museum, one of my favorite museums in London. After class, I walked across the Millennium Bridge towards St. Paul’s and browsed around the shops. I treated myself to a ring from COS, successfully avoided buying yet another striped shirt, then headed back home for a lunch and relaxing before my afternoon class on campus.  After class ended, I headed to HTB Students and had a great time as per usual!

Wednesday, I headed to Pilates in the morning and was quite chuffed with myself for getting myself to the gym! I did some homework before working in the afternoon. After a few hours at work, I headed back home for a relaxing evening before my busy day on Thursday.

Thursday, I had class from 11 to 4 Thursday, with an hour break for lunch, and rushed to Euston Square to meet Adi! We got her settled in my flat then headed out to Honest Burgers for an early dinner. We browsed around Oxford Street before heading back for a relaxing night in, as we were both quite tired.

Friday was Adi’s 22nd birthday! I had to work from 8 to 12, but Adi met me at the store and we grabbed a healthy lunch at Natural Kitchen on High Street Marylebone.  From there we went to a rock gym in Bermondsey. People, let me tell you, this was the best time I’ve had in a long time. The gym was a bouldering gym with no ropes, scary I know.  Adi had done it before but it was my first time and I was quite scared at first, but honestly it was so fun! I can’t wait to go back, as it’s the same gym my friends go to. After a solid few hours at the gym, we called it quits and headed to Borough Market for dinner and dessert, including goat’s milk ice cream…yum. Then it was off to Covent Garden so Adi could get some new Ray Bans, then a leisurely walk back to my flat, with a quick trip to Sainsburys for some chocolate!

Saturday, we headed to Liverpool Street in east London for some breakfast, our first failed attempt at the Breakfast Club, so we opted for The Diner in Spitalfield Market.  Then we browsed around Brick Lane where Adi picked up a vintage leather satchel (very cool) before making our way to BoxPark in Shoreditch, where I picked up a black dress from Gap, oops. We headed back towards Liverpool Street Station, where we parted ways and I headed towards Baker Street for work and Adi was off to explore a bit of London on her own.  She ended up going to St. Paul’s and the Tate Modern. I worked from 4 to 8, then walked to Covent Garden in the pouring rain in an attempt to meet up with Adi at the Covent Garden station, to then meet Kezia at Homeslice. I found all the girls but the wait was over an hour, so we headed for pho.  Clara ended up meeting us for dinner too, my heart was so full of joy to have my friends in one place.  After dinner, we walked towards Soho in search of dessert, finally settling on froyo. Many jokes later, we all parted ways. The day wasn’t over yet, although we got home at around 1am, because then the fire alarm in my building went off, so Adi got to truly experience a day in my life, as this was about the fifth time that has happened in the middle of the night.

And that brings us to Sunday, where we tried to eat at The Breakfast Club again where we were met with another hour queue, then we headed towards The Riding House Cafe for brunch. After eating, we headed towards Knightsbridge to browse around Harrod’s and pop in Topshop to see Clara at work in action.  After seeing the lovely Clara, we took shelter from the cold wind in Starbucks before deciding that we were both absolutely knackered and headed home to take a nap.  After a quality rest, we headed out to Homeslice to get some pizza then for some desserts.  Now we are back in the flat chillin before Adi has to leave early tomorrow morning, sad sad times.

Of course there are always ups and downs throughout my week, but my hope in writing these posts is to share and remember for myself what the stand out moments are, usually the ones that I will remember the most and thankfully they all happen to be enjoyable! Having Adi with me for a good amount of time this weekend was such a treat! Thanks for reading and have a relaxing Sunday xx

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3 thoughts on “The Weekly Update

  1. I am “chuffed” that you are back to your weekly updates.😊. So glad you had that special time with Adi! Thank you for the photos and the wonderful description of your week.


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