Minimalism Challenge



Well hey there, happy Monday. I stumbled across this graphic on Pinterest about two weeks ago, and it’s been on my mind ever since.

Into Mind originated this 30 day challenge, and you can read  a little more about it over there. Essentially, the challenge is to do one assignment every day for 30 days.  You can choose the order in which you do them.

I’ve decided to challenge myself to this, as I’ve found that decluttering, organizing, and minimalistic aesthetic is intriguing and soothing to me. I’ll be posting my weekly activities every Tuesday for the next month to document my activities and thoughts on the process.

Feel free to follow along and leave a comment about your findings! Have a great week xx









4 thoughts on “Minimalism Challenge

  1. I like this, Samantha! Will look forward to your posts about you experience. I notice that a few of these can be incorporated into daily routine. ☀️. It certainly is true that a lot of benefits come from minimalizing. I have tried to do that for a while but have a long way to go! You have given me some inspiration to keep working at it.😊

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