The Weekly Update


The last week of January commenced with a Monday full of work at Honest and a relaxing day prepping for the upcoming week.

Tuesday morning, my art history class met up at the National Gallery (pictured above) to see some landscape paintings as well as some from the French salon. I had a few hours break, which always means it’s naptime for me, so afterwards, I headed to the UCL campus for my Latin American history class. After class I chatted with some friends, grabbed a chai latte, then headed towards HTB for a central students meeting. Afterwards, we somehow managed to get about 25 of us to go get gelato despite the weather being quite chilly. Then headed home for some sleep!

Wednesday, I had the day off school, but took the free morning to rest and to catch up on some readings for Thursday. Later in the day was my first day at Anthropologie, just a quick shift but it was the start of working in the dreamworld.

Thursday, I had class in the morning with an hour break before my next class ending at 4. Right at four, I had a meeting with UCEAP that was quick and easy and basically just checked in with them to tell them I’m alive and passing classes. Next was on to the bank, because my card kept not working even though I know that I had more than plenty of money it. Whilst in the bank trying to keep myself not annoyed, it started snowing outside. Yep, I completely missed the snow and saw it from inside the bank.  The snow in London basically just falls from the sky and melts on the ground, but seeing it from inside was nice I suppose. Then the bank told me I can’t use my card until Feb 6 (that’s one way of trying to save money) and I headed to the gym. At this point, I really didn’t want to go, but I had been lugging my gym clothes around all day so I figured it was worth a go.  Only to change and find out every single machine was busy and everyone was queued up for them…so I just walked home and called it a day. At least I tried right?

Friday was my first all day shift at Anthropologie, and I thought it went quite well! I definitely enjoy working there, I basically get to hang out with super nice girls, surrounded by nice products, and tidy up the store which is essentially my favorite pastime, whether I’m paid to or not. Luckily now I am paid for it and enjoy a generous discount.

Saturday was just the same as Friday essentially. What is nice about my new job is I get home at a reasonable hour, I’m talking 8:15, so I have enough time to chill, read, and what not before going to bed at a normal hour.

And then onto Sunday.  I started feeling slightly ill earlier in the week, but it all came to a head (quite literally in my head) on Sunday. I have a tickle in my throat and a massive headache, so I just decided to rest up and get some school work done, go to the store, and generally relax. This week is going to be another busy one, with five days of work and somehow trying to fit in essay writing.

Have a great week everyone!




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