The Weekly Update

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**Apparently this did not get published on Monday as I originally intended, but nonetheless here it is…

Well, people I’m back at it.  The third week of the term starts tomorrow, which is crazy! I decided to skip reporting on the first week of class, as it’s quite boring going over syllabi. Here is a recap of last week just before this week starts up again.

Monday, I spent the day at work and was able to get off early at night to start up on some readings and have a chilled relaxed night in.  Tuesday was quite a busy day, for my first class, which is 19th and 20th century Art in London, an art history module in which we meet around different museums and galleries in London. So we met up at Kenwood House in Hampstead Heath. Although the 30 minute journey took almost an hour and I was late, it was so nice to see a new part of London that I have never seen before.  Random note, the weather has been getting colder and I noticed a thin layer of ice on the grass. Then I spent part of my three hour break relaxing until leaving for campus for my Latin American history class.

Wednesday was my midweek day off from classes, but I did have to go to campus to work in the library and to get an essay back. Thursday I had two classes, the first a class on the British working class and the latter is a continuation from last term, a medieval history class.  After class, I went to a yoga class in the evening and it was such a relaxing time! I’m glad I forced myself back into the cold to walk to the gym for yoga, it was certainly worth it, especially the sore muscles the next day.

Friday morning I had a very exciting interview for a new job, returned home to do laundry and watched Frances Ha. Then I went to work in the evening. Saturday was quite a fun day! I met up with Kezia and some of her friends for a little shopping/browsing, a walk around Oxford Circus and Covent Garden, and a Homeslice Pizza pitstop.  Later in the afternoon, Kezia and I headed to South Ken for a HTB Missional Communities meeting to brainstorm for the upcoming term and for further in the future.  It was such an incredible evening, including planning and dreaming about our communities (mine being the art one, more on that here), Chinese food, and quoting School of Rock incessantly. Some of us then went for a stroll around the ever so swanky South Ken and Chelsea neighborhood before returning home.

Oh! I also received some exciting news on Saturday, I was offered a job at Anthropologie!

Sunday morning I worked for a few hours, did some school readings, then trucked it from east London to west London for afternoon church, and spent the rest of the evening doing a little pamper session (more on that later) and getting some things lined up for this week.

Last week was a good one, and now looking ahead, I hope to not be overwhelmed by a few weeks of overlapping jobs (ending one and starting another), school work, and writing some essays before I head to SPAIN! Yup people, I’m finally going to Granada, Spain to visit Adi! I’m so so excited and I know after a few hectic weeks leading up to it, the trip will be even more of a treat. Thanks for stoppin’ by, see ya soon!



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