well well well


Looks like it’s been pretty uneventful over here on the ‘ole blog. I can explain: the week after the boys left, almost nothing eventful happened. I sulked in the room for a good few days, then finished up two essays riiiiiiiight before the deadline. Then came Monday (this Monday that is), but I will get that later.

Whilst not blogging/taking photos other than selfies that will never see the light of day and procrastinating, I used my tumblr and pinterest quite avidly, so feel free to follow along. I’ve been really inspired lately, but with all that inspiration, I feel like I can’t produce anything from it, which is quite frustrating. Whether it be baking, crafting, photography, or even basket weaving (jokes), I’ve been feeling like I don’t have the resources or space to do so. So I am going to image vomit this post just to get them out of my own world and into yours (you’re welcome). I’m currently scheming a few doable projects, and I really think that creating more content for this blog will ease some of my creative tension. Stay tuned and I’ll be updating about my week sooner, hopefully rather than later.








images via pinterest and tumblr


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