Seeing Red


Every now and again, I find myself drawn to certain color palettes, mostly in accessories as my wardrobe mostly consists of black, white, and stripes.  In the midst of winter and the post-Christmas blues, I found I was reaching for bright and punchy-ier colors.  I picked up this Moleskine 2015 planner a few months ago and have been loving it for the past few weeks, which is good because I’m stuck with it for the whole year.  Next up is my leather card holder for my Oyster card, I love seeing this lil’ gem anytime I take the tube. Last but not least, is the polish I’m currently doting, Essie’s Fifth Avenue. I am an avid fan of weekly at home manicures and this week the orange-y red polish made the cut. I love a good pop of color, and I may be bias with red because of my days as a Ruby girl (#rubygirlforlife) but I think we can appreciate a little red in our lives.



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