The (very special!) Weekly Update


The boys! They arrived last Saturday afternoon and just left this afternoon and if you know me well enough, I’ve been teary eyed ever since! For this weeks update, it is full to the brim with de la Vega boys and many moments of fun, including daily devotions, scum, and lots of walking (sorry boys) and always entertaining conversation. I had such a great week showing off London and even seeing some new things myself.  The first day started off with some Christmas gift opening and then we headed out for a walk around Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, which showed off winter in all it’s glory.  We stopped at Greenberry for a little afternoon snack (eggs and toast) and then it was off to Camden Market for a browse, then a frigid walk back to my flat for scum, dinner, and watching Freaky Friday.




Sunday it was off to East London to explore around Brick Lane. We paroosed the vintage markets and stores, Rough Trade record store, headed to a park, looked at the street art, and enjoyed the sunshine (even though it was freezing). I must admit how spoiled I am, because Sam bought me my birthday present, a Canon A-1 film camera, which I’ll be using for a little project I have in mind, thanks a mill Sammy boy! After an afternoon in East London, we headed over to HTB for a great service. I was so pleased to show the boys where I go to church every week and it was just a nice relaxing time! Afterwards, we went to dinner at Honest Burgers King’s Cross and I just remember laughing the entire time, much of like my entire week! We returned home for a game of scum and watched Series of Unfortunate Events, which sparked reminiscing on the book series which Sam plans to reread.

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Monday! After our daily breakfast and devotion, we headed to the South Bank to go on the London Eye.  For some reason, I wasn’t expecting the mass crowds but they were indeed there, but we didn’t mind waiting in the queue for a bit. After the Eye, I had two hungry boys on my hands so we headed towards the food, passing Christmas market Dutch pancakes to my dismay, and stumbled upon Wahaca.  We had some Mexican food, nothing compared to the beloved El Burrito Jr, and I drank a horchata in December (Vampire Weekend, anyone?) After a great meal, we headed back towards Big Ben for pictures and enjoyed such a beautiful sunset, at 4pm I might add. We headed back to my flat for a little siesta then went back out to Covent Garden for some Homeslice pizza, possibly my favorite pizza on planet earth.








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Tuesday, we went to Buckingham Palace and then wandered around Hyde Park, including a little stop at Winter Wonderland for some churros and mulled wine. We continued towards South Kensington station for some lunch then took a gander through the Victoria and Albert Museum.  We returned home for, you guessed it, some scum and Spongebob.


Wednesday was another sightseeing day, where we went to Tower of London, walked across Tower Bridge. We tried to go to Maltby Street Market but it was closed (tiny tears Natalie) so we opted for a leisurely lunch indoors before heading to Tate Modern for a look then a walk across Millennium Bridge to St. Paul’s.  We walked through the cathedral and then I took the boys to my favorite secret viewing spot to see St. Paul’s.  We then headed home for a little nap before it was time for our New Year’s Eve celebrations.  We headed to Hammersmith for Shift New Year’s Eve, held in an old church (also called St. Paul’s) for worship, a message, the countdown, then a little dance party! We called it quits around 1am and headed home for some scum! Can you tell we love scum?


Thursday, the first of the year! We slept in because we were up so late, but we headed back to East London for another look around the streets and Spitalfields market, then we had some food at The Diner, which was incredible by the way.  We continued walking down Brick Lane and I had to stop and get us some famous bagels. After some more meandering and another stop at the park, we headed home for some quality hangout sesh.


Friday, after a slower start to the morning than expected, we played around with a few plans, but ultimately decided on heading out to Dover, England to look at the cliffs and the seashore.  We took the two hour train ride as an opportunity to play scum, and once we arrived, we went straight to the shore and took a little hike towards the cliffs, catching a beautiful sunset and moonrise.  I enjoyed breathing in the sea air, getting a little break from the pollution of the city. We walked back towards the town centre looking for food and to a hungry Sam’s dismay, nothing was open. Literally nothing. Except McDonald’s but that wasn’t an option. So we headed back to London and got off the train and made it into an Italian restaurant for dinner and dessert.  It was such a nice day, a change of scenery and a great dinner to end the night!



Saturday, we finally made it out to Windsor Castle! Another great day with a change of scenery. Only a quick hour train ride outside London, we played scum (duh) then walked the short distance from the train station to the castle.  We went inside and saw literally thousands of archives and royal bits and bobs, took pictures outside the castle and walked to a nice lunch spot. Once back on the train to London, we then got back to the flat for some more naps and laughs and talks, then headed back to East London for a last supper of Honest Burgers at Liverpool Street.  We ended the night with a final game of scum and some more Spongebob.



Sunday, there aren’t any pictures because let’s face it, tears aren’t very flattering on me! I held it together through our morning devo, but once we got the the airport and somewhat suddenly said our goodbyes, I immediately started crying, I can’t help it people! This week was such a treat, we all got to grow closer together and explore London and England. I was certainly spoiled by the amazing company the boys keep, as I’m writing this I’m looking at my room that now looks so empty without suitcases and extra blankets.  Making dinner for one just isn’t as fun as for three. With this post, I was only able to capture what activities we did each day, but I could never say in my own words each little moment that we had together, but I know I will cherish them for so long.  To make up for my lack of pictures, I’ll be posting a video of our week very shortly!


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