Christmas 2014

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Christmas was a dream! On Christmas Eve, I had to work until about 5:30, but right after, I headed to the train station en route to High Wycombe to spend a few days with my friend Clara and her family.  The train was about an hour or so, and following my natural inclinations, I fell asleep, but not to worry because I woke up before it was my stop.  Clara and her mum picked me up at the station and I headed to their house to meet the rest of the family. Up until this point I wasn’t feeling the Christmassy vibes, I knew it was all around me, but being at work wasn’t the most jolly way to celebrate. It never really settled in that it was Christmas until I took a look at that tree! I mean look at it! So dreamy, and to be in a house surrounded by loving people. Not only was a greeted with hugs from the Tabti family, but also matching Christmas pajamas, and man oh man is that fleece soft!  We relaxed for a bit before heading to the midnight church service, then it was back to the house for some relaxing.  After settling in and putting on my new jammies, I drank some hot chocolate (one of many) played some Monopoly and watched the Christmas episodes of the Office.



Christmas Day came and it was such a beautiful day! The skies were clear and blue, which means it was extra chilly without the typical English cloud cover.  I was fortunate to sleep in, then wake up to a stocking! I was certainly spoiled! I received some thoughtful bits and bobs, including that of tangerines aka cuties, which my little mummy always puts in our stocking.  We lounged around before it was time for presents.  I loved sitting back and watching everyone pass each other presents, and to my surprise, I was even lucky enough to receive a few myself.  After presents, it was time for the big Christmas lunch, including turkey, cranberry sauce, steamed veggies, and mash. Sound familiar? Thanksgiving meal round 2 for me, and I am certainly not complaining!  Then after cleaning up, we bundled up for a walk around the neighborhood through the countryside. I’m reminding myself of my mum by saying that I wish I could bottle up the smell of country, it was so incredible and fresh and woodsy. I loved it! After the walk, I took a big nap, then we had some more hot chocolate and niblets for dinner and then watched some Christmas movies.





And finally on to Boxing Day.  I used to think that Boxing Day meant it was the day to recycle all your boxes from Christmas Day, but Wikipedia says that is when tradesmen or servants received gifts from their bosses, but now it is just a bank holiday.  We slept in yet again, yet this time woke up to some rain and even colder temperatures.  After relaxing a bit and showering, us kids (me, Clara, her sister Becca, cousin Miranda and Josh) headed to the shops for a little Boxing Day sales shopping.  Initially I had every intention of not buying a single thing, but as cute clothes and sale prices do, I ended up getting a few bits that I have no regrets about.  Back to the house, and we returned to the couch for another movie.  At about 8:30 I decided it may be a good time to return to London, as I had a few things to do around my flat before the de la Vegas arrived the next day, but I was so sad to say goodbye! I had such an incredible time with the Tabtis, they all were so warm and welcoming, I was so spoiled! I got to relax, hang out with some GREAT people and be in a house!! People, this last point is something I will never take for granted ever again.  In short, this Christmas was better than I could have ever imagined. Of course I missed my sweet little family in my sweet little beach town and that warm weather, but this Christmas was certainly one to remember and I will always be thankful for it!



3 thoughts on “Christmas 2014

  1. What a special Christmas you had!🎄. I’m so happy you had that opportunity. Thank you for the great description and beautiful pictures.


  2. Happy New Year Samantha! I knew that a lovely English family would invite you into their home for Christmas, glad it was a special day. Just spent the eve with your Mum and Pop, thank you for picking the coasters!! Miss ya, hope you are having a good week!


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