The Weekly Update


A few days late on this one, which seems to be a theme around here, I gotta get back into blogging shape! Here’s a recap of the week of 15-21 of December, including more pictures than usual!


Tuesday I spontaneously got my hair cut, I chopped the locks off about 4 inches, taking inspiration from E Kenn’s latest chop. It feels strange to have such short hair, top knots are now a struggle and I have the tiniest ponies ever!


This week I picked up more hours at work since I’m on term break and needed some extra money around Christmas time, so I spent a few extra trips on the tube this week. I sat down and saw this little message that reminded me of my Davis home.

No pictures from Thursday, but I popped into the Body Shop for some bits and headed over to Covent Garden to meet Natalie for Homeslice (yup, again). On the way there, a woman completely tripped and fell in front of me and my first instinct was to rush over and pick her up and get her out of the middle of the street. It was all quite frantic, but in the end she said she was alright, so I carried on (calmly) to the best pizza ever. Then we wandered around the Seven Dials for as long as we could handle the crowds, then headed into Timber Yard, voted Europe’s best coffee in 2014 (very trendy).




Friday, I met a friend from work for a little coffee at a cute cafe called Fork, London seems to never be lacking a cute little cafe. After a nice chat and a goodbye since she moved back home, I headed to the Natural History Museum for some iceskating with Natalie, or as I like to call it, boots with knives attached.  We spent an hour on the ice, and it was terrifying at first but then I got the hang of it. It was dreamy and reminded me of how often we used to skate as kids. We both returned home to take quick naps, then met up again to head to Brick Lane. There, we got bagels (duh) and then cereal at the Cereal Killer Cafe. I paid 3 pound for Fruit Loops…but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Then randomly went into Rough Trade Music and got the Sam de la Vega’s Christmas presents! Then it was off to work for the night.

p.s. I think I look so similar to my Pop in the middle picture




image-20Saturday was Natalie last day, so we spent it in her favorite place that I had yet to visit, Maltby Street Market, where we enjoyed grilled cheese con chorizo, a fancy pomegranate mocktail and a bacon waffle. The food was insane and I certainly enjoyed meandering through vintage shops and soaking in this part of London with Nat. We then crossed Tower Bridge, how dreamy, then headed to back to her flat for a bit before the airport. To save the drama, I sent her off for the long journey back to the bay.

Sunday, I worked all day, but I’m happy to report that it was the shortest day of sunlight of the year, so it’s all uphill from here folks! Tune in for a little Christmas post! Thanks for checkin in.


2 thoughts on “The Weekly Update

  1. Love your haircut! Blond ends are gone! Thanks for all the pictures.😍. You are so good at making that airport trip and I’m sure Natalie appreciated it. Glad you had such fun with her. I’m looking forward to your blog about your British Christmas.


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