The Weekly Update

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Because it was the end of the term, I’m going to switch the formatting up a bit to avoid the repetitious, boring nature of most of my days last week. I’ll skip all the researching and essay writing bits, and get to the good stuff.

Monday, I went to Pilates at night, which was just what I need after the monotonous day I had. Typical of a post-Pilates session, I stopped off at Planet Organic to pick up some goods, including the best yogurt/granola combo that I’m in love with.

Tuesday, I spent the morning prepping for a presentation for the afternoon, summarizing John Locke’s writings, which is no easy feat. After groaning to myself while working, I walked to class only to find out the class had been cancelled. Moral of the story, check your UCL email so you know the night before that you don’t have to work on your presentation. Spent the rest of the afternoon doing boring things, but feeling productive. Then it was off to HTB Students last meeting of the year, including a Christmas dinner (aka Thanksgiving meal for us) and some Christmassy games and songs. It ‘twas a very enjoyable time.

Wednesday was a flop of a day, until Megan and I headed to our friend Alice’s flat (in Chelsea I might add) for a Christmas party. I brought Brie cheese, rosemary crackers, and fancy lemonade, which I was pretty chuffed with myself I thought of such classy items. I had told myself that I’d want to go home early, but it ended up being so fun, full of food, chocolate (so much chocolate), dancing around the table to classic Christmas songs, a brief hangout on the roof, and Christmas poppers. It was such a great night and I didn’t even realize what time it was until it was half 11 on the way to the tube.

I’m going to skip Thursday, because school work and work work.

Friday was the one the only Sam de la Vega’s birthday so I was in a celebratory mood most of the day. I turned in my last essay with a due date before the New Year, and then headed to Hyde Park Corner to meet the ladies to go to Winter Wonderland. It was magical. It’s essentially a wintery carnival with stalls, food, and games. Think Orange County Fair in the winter in the middle of London. By this time it was 4 pm and I hadn’t eaten all day, so the first Bratwurst I saw, I ate it in about 2 minutes. Next was on to hot chocolate around a fire and a nice chat with all the girls, then I decided that going on a hanky roller coaster was a good idea, so we went on that and I must say it was nice to just scream and laugh and be 5 years old (thanks Nan for instilling the joy of that in me). Then it was on to the churros. At this point, Alice and Clara had to leave, which ended with some sad goodbyes and see ya laters (as Megan left Saturday) and I would see them all in the New Year. Megan, Kezia, and I then walked from Hyde Park through Piccadilly Circus and into Soho for Byron Burgers. I eat my fair share of burgers, so I opted for a salad and a root beer float. The three of us had a lovely chat, then it was back home for an early morning.

Saturday was the day Megan left, sad times. We met for a morning coffee and muffin then headed back to her room to get all her bags to send her on her way. After a successfully goodbye without tears (shocking yes), I started walking home and then I started crying. I pulled myself together, realized it was more thankful tears (for meeting and becoming friends with Megan). Spent the rest of the afternoon chatting with the parents, then off to work. Work was the worst, so I will just forget about that.

Sunday was filled to the brim with working. From 10 am to 10pm with an hour break in the middle, which included two cupcakes, then it was off home for a chat with Nan and Sam.

Currently, it’s Monday afternoon, and I’m back in action at my favourite lil’ coffee place I haven’t visited in ages. Today was so leisurely and I’m looking forward to a whole month (!!) of this kind of thing.


One thought on “The Weekly Update

  1. I’ve been waiting for your weekly post. You are becoming more British all the time! I had to look up a couple of words to find the meaning in American English! I’m assuming that half 11 is 11:30.😊. For a boring week you sure had some fun times.💃. So glad you joined that gym.💪 I have no doubt you will make the most of your break from school. Thanks for the update.


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