The Weekly Update


This week’s installment of the update, from December 1 (woaahhh what?) to the 7th. P.S. If you want to know what I looked like this week, 80% of the time it was like the picture above.


Started off the week slow (I seem to always be that way, maybe I don’t like Mondays or something) then headed to class at Pimlico Station. We discussed housing projects in London and walked around Churchill Gardens and I was literally frozen to the bone. Bad day to take my gloves out of my bag.  I remember eating an apple this day…then I headed to the gym for a night Pilates class, then I stopped off at Planet Organic to load up for a few days worth of food.  Fridges in the US got nothin’ on the UK’s, so I go to the store probably once every other day.


I woke up bright and early for work at 7:30, in which I handed out free coffee to advertise for our breakfast. At first, when they told me what I was doing, I wasn’t very pleased, it was early and cold and I didn’t want to talk to anyone (which doesn’t really work anyways because I work in a restaurant) but it turned out that handing people coffee in morning rush hour brings them so much joy! And I couldn’t help but have a good time when I made someones day and told everyone “Have a great day!!!” Sounds lame, but it was quite entertaining.  Then they sent me home two hours early, so I took a nap before class (what a surprise). Then headed to class, then later that night Megan and I headed out to Oval Station to a friends flat for our small group. We ate some pizza and fancy lemonade and had great talks.  Once it was over at 9, a few of us headed down the street to a coffee bar turned jazz club, and listened to some jazz for about an hour or so. Then the granny in me needed to be in bed, so we headed back to Central London and called it a night.


The glorious day of no class, I took full advantage by starting my paper and lounging all day. Then at night I met up with Natalie to head to East London to Colombia Road, during Christmastime, the shops are open late, there is a Christmas tree shop, and everyone is drinking mulled wine and singing Christmas carols. It was so cute I could barely contain myself.  This was the perfect reminder of how cute London is.  I remember feeling sort of overwhelmed by school and mundane life, and this night was a great way to just enjoy where I am. Then dinner was amazing because we had pie and mash, dang it was delicious. I got the veggie one and devoured it and burnt my mouth because I was so hungry.  It was such a great night! (Thanks for dragging me out Nat, it ’twas magical).


Not interesting, I wrote my paper, went to class, and wrote more of my paper at the library. Riveting stuff people.  Then I went home for a great hang out sesh with Sam de la Dream via Skype.


Again, boring. Wrote my essay and went to work. I worked at King’s Cross this night and it was crazy busy. Insane, and I’m actually trying to forget about how late I got home.


Real life is so fun! I had a double shift at work, King’s Cross again, and during my break, I was so tired that I laid down in a booth and closed my eyes, then woke up and wrote a paragraph before going back to work.  I remember that the sun was shining and it was such a lovely day. Maybe one of these days I’ll be outside for that…I’m laughing at how sad and miserable that sounds, but really I like working so it’s not that sad.


The end of the week, woohoo! I just finished up my paper, headed to church with Megan (her last Sunday, what?!?!?!?!) then grabbed some pizza for dinner and gelato for dessert! Then I fell asleep.

This week is the last week of school, it ends Friday, and I have just one more paper due before the New Year, so I look forward to that being done with and having some time to do some more Christmassy things in London without worrying about deadlines! Alrighty, see ya next week, same place, probably different time.


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