Look, a wreath (and other blabberings)

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I was about to call this a little mid-week check in, but then I realized it’s late Thursday/early Friday. I’ve been feeling a lot of feelings recently, but too many go by at one moment to really pin down what it is. I know it’s not a negative feeling, maybe on the verge of nostalgic? I guess the looming inevitability of the end of the term and of the holidays that is already upon me, and I’ve pushed those events to the side to avoid all that comes with it. Which includes, but is not limited to, essays, winter break, Christmassy things, working more, time moving quickly, the new year, some exciting visitors coming soon, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on, can you see what I mean by too many thoughts? And they’re all good things really! (minus the essay bit) I’m not really sure if this post has a point, maybe to show off the wreath I made from a Christmas tree lot leftovers, I’m pretty chuffed with myself with this one. A quick ramble never hurt anyone right? But really, I’m all fine and well and I had a nice remembrance last night that I love England. I really love England. Dang, it is so cute. I could name a million cute things about England, and don’t tempt me to because I can write a post on that alone. I love my friends and my family and America and California and avocados and bacon and ugghhhhhhhh I just love everything. But especially my wreath, isn’t it cute? Alright, but seriously, I am fine, it’s all good in the hood, Mom don’t worry that I just text you “hey” because I just want to chat. I’m just a girl in the world that loves a lot of things. Okay really, enough of this. I’m going to go eat a peanut M&M even though I already brushed my teeth. Now that I sound sufficiently crazy, see ya soon to have a chat about my week in whole.


4 thoughts on “Look, a wreath (and other blabberings)

  1. Dearest Sammy – When I think of England, I think about my ancestors that lived there before they sailed to the New World. I think of my ancestors buried in Westminster Abbey, and wonder what their world looked like. So maybe that’s what you are thinking about too.

    I think your ancestors are probably looking down atcha – and amazed at this brave girl who left the New World to experience the Old World first hand.

    I think Adi’s ancestors are watching her in amazement too, as she flits around the continent.

    I think that they are also wondering (both your’s and Adi’s ancestors) why on earth would your mamas let you travel so far away on your own. Just know they your Mom and I are watching you two with lots of pride, love, and not just a few tears in our eyes. Tears of pride, tears because we miss you, and tears because, Gosh darn it….we wish we were abroad for a year too!

    Love ya Sammy – keep a stiff upper lip, as they say (or not)



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