The Weekly Update


Here’s some notes from last week:


Nothing too exciting to kick off the week, unless you consider vacuuming exciting! I went to class at the Victoria and Albert Museum, so I suppose that was pretty cool! We looked at the architecture exhibition, which included modern furniture and aspects to interior design, so I was extra interested. Monday ended in a Starbucks with Megan doing some homework.


Tuesday started off slow, with one class, but then ended great! I saw Mac Demarco in Kentish Town (yes, that’s a real name of a place). Before the show, we grabbed dinner in a cute little place then headed to the show, where I was flooded by the sea of really cool teenagers and young adults who looked like they were from LA with their grunge, but also had British accents. I bought a tshirt, because it was too cool to resist, then enjoyed the night listening to the man Mac himself. The whole vibe of the venue and the people was super invigorating and I certainly enjoyed myself.


I went to Pilates in the morning, after joining a gym right near school! Then I grabbed some lunch with Megan at an Italian deli, then it was off to Starbucks were we continued working on schoolwork. After a few hours of studying aka when my computer died, I headed home before going back out to Holborn to meet up with some UC Davis alumni. It was fun to see some familiar faces, receive some encouraging advice, and even a tip about Christmas in London (which I’ll share later if/when I get to do it!)


Thursday was Thanksgiving, so you can read/watch all about that here!


Not too exciting either, but I went off to work in the afternoon until evening. I may or may not have mentioned that people at work call me California and/or sing the theme song to The OC, and I can’t really complain because I think it’s endearing.


Another day of working, this time even longer, as I worked a double shift, which I can’t complain because I got a leisurely hour break and I got to enjoy all of Sunday, which I had off.


Megan and I went to spin Sunday morning, worked on some school stuff, headed to church in the late afternoon, grabbed a cupcake afterwards at Hummingbird Bakery (so good and cheap!) then to a pub for a Sunday roast. I headed home early to have a hang out Skype session with Sam and called it a day. I’ve probably said this before, but Sundays are just the best! So quiet and relaxing, although the Christmas season made the tube a bit more crowded than usual. The ease of Sundays make Mondays a little daunting, although today has been great so far! More on that next week…


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