Dublin, Ireland


I promise I didn’t forget about Dublin! It’s been two weeks since my trip and I’m cringing that it’s taken me so long to post about it. The whole point of the Dublin trip was to travel, but on Saturday night, the UCEAP office held a UK wide pre-Thanksgiving dinner for all us UC students studying here, more on that later.

So, my flight was Friday afternoon and because I don’t have social media, I didn’t know when other people were flying over. Luckily right as I was boarding the plane, I ran into my two friends Jane and Janice whom I met during orientation. The plane ride was a quick one but I wouldn’t really know because I fell asleep for the entire time. Landed in Dublin, took the bus to the city and got all checked into our hostel. We got settled then headed out to walk around, ended up in Temple Bar and had meat pies for dinner, mine was Guinness and Beef, then we continue to walk around and saw many a Christmas lights and got some gelato. After more strolling, we ended up back at the hostel and chatted with other girls from the program and then it was off to bed.

Saturday was my only full day in Dublin, so we (me, Jane, Janice, and Sarah) woke up on the earlier side to hit the streets. Dublin is surprisingly smaller, compared to how massive London is, and we saw a good amount of sites just from walking! We went to the National Museum, Trinity College, the Christmas markets, Dublin Castle, St. Stephen’s Green, Iveagh Gardens, and everything in between. Around late afternoon, we headed back to the hostel for a nap and to change for dinner.  The dinner was held at the Guinness Storehouse, complete with a Thanksgiving meal, an Irish band and Irish dancers. It was way more fun than I expected, I ended the night on the dance floor most probably embarrassing myself.

Sunday I headed back to the airport all by myself and was able to reminisce on my quick weekend. First of all, Irish people were so nice, I certainly come from a pleasant stock of people. Second, I know many people with Irish names, which you can tell by the pictures of took of signs. And finally, I had such a great time at the Storehouse dinner with UCEAP that it;s inspired me to be more involved (yes, Mom, me of all people being involved in school!) so I definitely have and will attend the alumni events in London. Overall, it was really cool to get back to the motherland, do some more traveling, and hang out with some great people.

























2 thoughts on “Dublin, Ireland

  1. Another great post! I’ve been waiting for this one. You saw a lot for in such a short time! Love the family names on the buildings – that’s one of my fondest memories of Ireland. I’m so glad you went and enjoyed it. Thank you for brightening my day!☀️

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