The Weekly Update


It’s back and yes, it’s late. So it’s Tuesday already, but before this week gets ahead of me, here’s a recap of last week! I’m slowly getting back on track with these posts because believe it or not they are highly requested… by three people, but still! That’s enough for me. So, here ya go.


I spent the start of the week doing a few errands here and there and spent the afternoon in a cute coffee shop doing a ton of reading for Tuesday’s class. It was a dreamy few hours, drinking a mocha and in between the pages, I watched people walk by in the rain.


Another average day at school, then met Megan in Covent Garden at Shake Shack and fully indulged in a burger, fries and a shake because why not? Oh, and maybe a little pitstop at Ladurée for a macaroon. It was so good to catch up with her after both of us being away for the weekend, more on that weekend soon. Then we headed towards south London for the second installment of Exhibition Evenings.  This time we were less focused on the art and more focused on chatting with our HTB ladies. It was an evening full of laughs and jokes. Also, a happy birthday day to my best brother Coleman.


I hopped over to the library and spent the better half of the day getting ahead in readings for class! One class in particular consistently is quite heavy handed when it comes to weekly readings, so I cranked out all of those! After being sufficiently hungry all day, I met Megan, her friend, and parents for a lovely and absolutely delicious meal. Dang, it was truly delicious: I had my fair share of olives, amazing caprese (not better than yours Dad) and salmon! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


Full day of class on Thursday afternoon to early evening. Let’s just say talking about muralism and the topic of tortillas did my hungry self no favors, but luckily I met Natalie for dinner. We chose Indian food and man oh man did it not disappoint. Garlic naan will never fail me. After an evening stroll through the Seven Dials and Covent Garden, I headed home to get some sleep for what would be an early morning.


Work at 6am! Woo! It was my first shift at the new location and it was quite hectic, but I was glad to be there. I worked about 8.5 hours so this little lady was tired by the end of the shift. I headed home just in time to take a little nap then Skype with my number one gal pal on planet earth, Emma. After a good chat with E, I decided that a rainy, calm night and a tired Samantha equaled the perfect time to bake. So Megan and I baked some classic chocolate chip cookies then anxiously awaited for our friend Sam (yep, another one) to meet us. We didn’t really know what we wanted to do, but we ended up playing a bunch of trivia games and Scattergories (I won) and eating cookies and popcorn.


Saturday I worked at 10 through lunch, and once again, I had a great time at work. It was such a mellow, relaxed morning, including a personalized breakfast sandwich made especially for me, then a mellow shift and then some lunch at the restaurant. Megan met me once I was done with work to walk around Spitalfields Market (which I lovingly call Skittlefields Market) and Brick Lane. We ate some bagels, literally the best ever and got some gourmet chocolates while looking around all the shops. We called it an early night and I got home just in time to Skype with Nan and Mich, hi guys you two are adorable, love you!


Sunday was super relaxed and not much went on besides going to church then work. Luckily I got home from work at a decent hour. I can’t really think of any other word to describe it other than relaxing. England really does Sundays right, it is so calm, there is barely anyone out and it is just quiet, which is such a stark contrast to the buzz of Monday and every other day of the week. Yep, I think I decided Sundays are the best.


3 thoughts on “The Weekly Update

  1. Thank you, Samantha! Glad you are eating well! I want to know more about your friend Megan – seems like you have such fun with her.😊. Looking forward to your next post which should be your trip to Ireland.🇮🇹

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Sammy, I am glad your company has left so you can get back to your posts…. Missed them. Happy that you had fun with Nan and Grandma Jane. Oh. a box is coming your way. NOT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT. So open it, you will not be braking the Sawyer code.

    Love Aunt LALA


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