Two Months in London


Just two months (and two days, I’m a little late) I left America. How the heck is it already the middle of November? In my second month of living in London, there was a mix of the average and the exciting.  I must say, I do feel like a Londoner these days. I read somewhere that being a Londoner doesn’t inherently make you English, but you no longer feel like an outsider, and that is just precisely how I’m beginning to feel. So here a few bits and bobs that happened during my second month of life in London.

  • I purchased my first winter coat (a navy peacoat I might add)
  • I’ve mastered the tube lines and have a very keen sense of direction, if I do say so myself.  Next up, I want to tackle the bus system!
  • I figured out schooling a bit more. I submitted three papers so far, and the next two due in December should be a little less intimidating. To go along with this point, I’ve got the library and printing situation down.
  • London truly feels like my temporary home, it’s always a great feeling to return after a weekend trip.
  • I enjoyed about four weeks working at King’s Cross. This Friday, I start at the new location in Liverpool Street. I’m looking forward to a brand new location and meeting some more people!
  • Not only did I enjoy life here in London, but I had two very special visitors during this month, none other than Nan and Grandma Jane! More on that visit is on the menu, coming atcha very soon.

If you couldn’t already tell, I really love London. At first, there was major things to get used to and there still is (like cooking for myself and getting back on a workout schedule) but I seriously love London. Maybe at a different time I can actually find words to describe why, but just know that I’m in love.


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