Italy // Day One


After little sleep for neither myself nor Nan, we headed off to the airport to a sleep-filled flight to Naples, Italy.  The sleep (can you sense a theme here?) was interrupted by the announcement that we were flying over the Alps, hence the snowy picture below.  We landed in Naples mid-afternoon and were met at the airport by the lovely Fredericksons.  We headed to their home just outside Naples in a tiny town called Monte de Procida.  We took a stroll around the town, stopping for gelato (what else?). First-round gelato I went for the classic stracciatella, aka Italy’s version of chocolate chip.  Once Nan and I took a nap (the theme continues), we all went out for dinner at a local favorite restaurant for a tasting of so. much. amazing. food. in celebration of Halloween! Featuring gnocchi with pumpkin and truffles, among other things. Our first day was well infused with food, I seriously can’t describe it other than amazing.  I’ve always said that Italian food is my favorite kind of food, and this trip, even from day one, held this truth to be evident.  Stay tuned for a few more installments of our trip to Italy, including a video to come!








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