The Weekly Update


Yes, okay I am tardy to the party on this one. Last week was fairly uneventful at the start but then quite exciting towards the end. I’ll give a quick round up of last weeks shenanigans before I forget what happened:


I began the week hacking away at a paper, the second one I might add. Hooray for finishing one paper! Monday afternoon I went to Architecture in London which met at St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Although we didn’t actually go inside, we got to see it from multiple views and it was really interesting! Sidenote: Grandma Jane, this is added to one of the cool places to show you! Rounded out Monday nicely with a CU meeting and a good nights sleep.


Class cancelled on Tuesday= I worked on my paper all day! One sad fail of Tuesday was I got dressed and packed up my things and headed to the library, only to find there are no seats. So in pity of myself, I bought a chai latte (half priced I might add) and headed to the good ‘ole desk in my room to continue the writing.


I’m pretty sure Wednesday I just wrote my paper and had work this night, but I stayed up waaaaay to late to finish the paper (which I did!!) only to wake up extra early for…


Thursday’s ritual of listening to Dreamboat Radio (hi Sam de la Vega ;) and didn’t fall back asleep because I had to leave to get NANNY from the airport!!! Woohoo! I picked up the Naninator (that’s the correct spelling of it Dad, take note). We spent the afternoon running some errands, including turning in my first paper, and Nan got to fully experience England, the land of no directions, and then I was off to work until very late, again.


Friday, Halloween, began at 4:45am to head to Italy! So basically from Wednesday to Friday, I slept about 5 hours total,  but I was still somewhat pleasant, I promise.  I’ll leave it here for now, as I have plenty of photos, videos, and words about our little excursion to Italy.


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