The Weekly Update


This one is coming atcha whilst I am up to my eyeballs in essay writing. I’m going to keep it short and sweet this week, as I’m taking a break from writing by…writing. Be warned this week was less than exciting because I really had to be a student, so without further adieu:


This one was a rough one. Another book not found in the library and a missed my class because directions to the meeting place for the architecture class were vague. But things perked up because I purchased the biggest scarf there ever was-that can double as a blanket- and since Monday, it’s been around my neck constantly.


Class and work. That’s about it. Riveting, I know.


Wednesday started at 3:30am when the fire alarm went off and I had to evacuate, in shorts and a t-shirt (and my scarf too, obviously). It was 40 degrees, it’s painful to think about. (Much) later that day, I finally made it to the doctors! It took me so long because I couldn’t understand why anyone would go to a walk-in surgery, but then I found out that surgery isn’t an operation, but a clinic (#britishenglish). Anyways, I was diagnosed with sinusitis (yay) and got a prescription. Wednesday ended with an art exhibition and some readings. Can you tell by these updates that I read a lot?


Busiest day of the week, woo! I did some school work, then went to school for four hours and then work. Doesn’t sound busy in writing, but my feet at the end of the day serve as proof. Oh, also had a discussion/tasting of cheese at work, and talking about waxy, orange American cheese made me miss the US of A a tiny bit.


Started the day at the bank, which was half-successful. I learned how to deposit the five hundred different kinds of coins England has, but bureaucracy was against me once again and can’t use my bank card for a few days…long story. Then this got REALLY academic, which was sort of fun (Did I really just say that?) I spent a few hours in the UCL library finding books, writing notes, and some serious essay planning took place. Then it was off to work, where I got not one but TWO free burgers. That means no cooking for me today!

The scarf of all scarves.

I know that this week was somewhat of a everyday life snoozer, but it’s just what it is. I did have a few moments of reflection walking home from work this week (very late I might add, sorry mom and Grandma). I actually LIVE here! Little ‘ole Samantha is living in a city, I mean obviously I do, but the moments I really think about it, I’m kind of amazed and somewhat surprised that this crybaby is off on my own in a big city. But don’t worry everyone, city life hasn’t made me rough around the edges, I still can produce a good cry every now and then, and believe me I do. Anyways, I couldn’t do it without many people, so shout out to all my peeps for supporting me in every way, the love is felt from across the Pond.


One thought on “The Weekly Update

  1. Love this one! Seems like you are into real life.☺️ Love the scarf! (And you walking home from work are night scares me a lot.)😨

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