Exhibition Evenings


Wednesday night, my friend Megan and I ventured somewhere south of the Thames for some food and art. We ate dinner at the oh-so British Nando’s (included were peas and mash), then headed to a tiny little coffee shop with a gallery downstairs.  The Exhibition Evening featured three student artists, showcasing paintings, prints, and notebooks. The conscenus was the favorite painting of the night was the pink girl, and I was in love with the artist’s notebooks that were on display for everyone to take a look through.  After a good hour or so of looking at the (incredible) art and chatting with some people,  we decided it was time to go home, granted it wasn’t even 9 pm yet. Before getting on the tube, we grabbed some lattes, as we both had work to do before class Thursday. It was a quick outing, but both Megan and I really appreciated taking a break from our readings and essays to be chatty with each other and others in a really cool, relaxed atmosphere. Not bad for a Wednesday night!






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