The Weekly Update


Week 4 in London went a little something like this:


My week was kicked off with a package from my mama! I received a few things I left at home from lack of room in my suitcase. The package also included the sweetest note and cheeky gift from my number one gal pal, Emma. After some tears of joy were shed. After feeling loved, I collected myself and headed to the Museum of London from my architecture class, gave a little presentation on last week’s class and discussed the city planning pre and post the Great Fire of 1666. I have to say this class is probably my favorite! Afterwards, a friend and I baked cookies for the CU meeting, heard a talk from the cutest little English grandfather I ever did see, and ate other baked goods people brought. One girl brought chocolate chip cookies to a whole new level, I’m talking lavender chocolate chip cookies, simply incredible.


Tuesday I did some reading before class at 2pm, or as they put it here, 14:00. After a class discussing Hobbesian theory, I grabbed a mocha and ended up chatting with a lovely lady from New Zealand, just about living in London and the weather of course! Then I was off to my first official shift at Honest Burgers, which went well and ended nicely with a burger, which was delicious I might add. I headed home pretty late and in the rain, nonetheless.


Wednesday I had a TON of reading to do for my two history classes on Thursday, so I mostly did homework.  I went into work for about two hours to learn how to make the drinks and was given some free chips! How can anyone say no to free chips?! The night ended with more readings and gearing up for my long day on Thursday.


I woke up early to listen to Dreamboat Radio, finished up some readings (It seems like I do a lot of readings, and that’s because there is so. much. reading.) and headed to a quaint salon on Store Street to get my hair cut. I was lucky enough to get it done for 10£ because the lady needed some hair to practice on, and it turned out great! Then I was off to class for four hours straight, then right when my last class was over, I sped walked over to work, stopping at Pret for a little bit of fruit.  Thursday night at work was pretty cool, I had my own section and met some pretty funny people! There was a family from New York who started chatting to the table next to them, two British guys, and they were all having a great time.  My “accent” is clearly American so we talked about that and the family was pleased to hear I was headed to Italy soon, because they had just been there visiting family.  Long story short, many laughs were had and all of us ended up taking a few pictures together.  Meanwhile, there were two other American girls who are studying in Spain and were visiting London for the weekend, and I gave them suggestions on some cool places to visit. And lastly, to round out this fun-filled shift, I noticed a table leave without paying, and I saved the day by running after them. All in a days work, what can I say. Also, this day marked the one month anniversary of arriving in London, which you can see the post about here.


And that brings us to Friday. I went back to the salon on Store Street for another hair session, this time to put some bleach in.  If I didn’t look Californian before, I certainly do now.  The salon was having a huge discount for students, so how could I say no?! Afterwards, I returned home to nap before work. I had another good shift, ate another burger (without chips this time, I’m cutting back) and returned home for a good nights sleep.

So this week wasn’t the most exciting, but I really started to feel like I actually live here.  I go to school and work and try to fit in homework and some social stuff in there. I’m looking forward to a productive weekend of starting to write an essay and a few other things as well.  Also, the picture taking took a break this week, but I’m determined to bring it back. For now, bad quality iPhone pictures will just have to do. Thanks for checking in with me!

Last Saturday night, my glorious return to Homeslice in Covent Garden
blunt cut and bleached

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