One Month in London


I left the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave an entire month ago, and have lived in London for a full four weeks.  That is just crazy.  I thought it’d be nice to do a monthly collection of things I’ve learned, picked up, etc. from living in London.  So without further adieu, here is the list after one month in the UK.

  • Yep, it is really that expensive. GBP, you’re killin’ me.

example: I had planned on getting a coat over here, but I have since not purchased one.  My mom asked me “Did you get one yet, isn’t it cold?”, and I said “I just wear my jacket and walk fast.”

  • I’m always a little surprised that when I speak, it doesn’t come out with a British accent.
  • People will ask me were I am from, and I’ll answer California. They then say, “Wait, so why did you move to London? Isn’t California nice?”
  • Coins. What is it with the coins?! Literally, ten different kinds of coins, the amount is not relative to the size, so so confusing.  I have just held out my hand to cashiers and they pick out how much I owe.  And that didn’t just happen once…although I’m learning!
  • A Sawyer tip in life is if you’re confused, just read the directions.  Well, the Sawyer family clearly didn’t live in this city because there is NO directions. For anything.  I’ve resorted to the good ‘ole just ask somebody, look like an idiot once and then (at least pretend) you know what you are doing.
  • Nobody is too cool for an umbrella, including me.

Despite the large learning curve, I know it is only the beginning, and I must say I’m not doing half bad! Within the past month, I’ve opened a UK bank account, got a UK phone number, checked out a book from a super fancy library (found the book myself I might add), made friends with the workers at my favorite coffee shop (I’m looking at you, Store Street Espresso), orientated my sense of direction with public transportation, and haven’t been run over by a car/bus/black cab! That last one would be more impressive if there wasn’t signs on the ground telling you which way to look when you cross the street.

All in all, this month started with a wave of all kinds of emotions and generally not knowing a single thing, and it has plateaued with a super positive and thankful outlook, new perspectives, experiences, and opportunities and knowing just a thing or two about city life.


3 thoughts on “One Month in London

  1. Sounds like you are doing great Sammy. An experience you’ll never forget. I here your mum and grandmum are coming soon have fun!


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