The Weekly Update


Here is this week’s installment of the Weekly Update, where things got autumnal, frigid, and productive.


I’m guessing from the fact that I don’t remember Monday morning, I slept in and probably did some readings for school? Maybe, I don’t remember.  In the afternoon, I met my Art History class at the Embankment Station near the Thames and walked around the Westminster area, where we discussed a few buildings used for political purposes.  It’s interesting how even the slightest bit of detailing of a building can give off a certain aura or define it’s purpose.  This was also the day I discovered what a real autumn chill feels like.  Not just a crisp people, a solid chill.  Monday night commenced with another CU meeting, followed by a long hot shower.


Well Tuesday started off the same as Monday, but I’m cutting myself some slack because I was still fighting a cold, so a girls gotta sleep in when a girls gotta sleep in.  Tuesday’s class came and went, and hey guess what! I was actually able to find a book in the library I needed! Granted it was a week late, but I did it! I’d just like to note here that England makes no sense sometimes.  My professor wrote the name of the book (by Thomas Hobbes, so you already know it’s difficult) in Latin and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I checked two libraries! But apparently everyone else can translate Latin, because they had the book.  Long story short, I got the book and now I know what “De Cive” means in Latin. (It means citizen…just so everyone knows).


Ah, Wednesday, the sweet, glorious day that I have no class.  I had a job interview this past rainy Wednesday morning, and lo and behold, this little lady has a job! At a really relaxed burger restaurant, it is so good. I met up with Natalie at Oxford Circus and mailed off some letters back to America, which was less expensive than I expected! The day ended with some more readings and that’s about it.


Every Thursday (well, the past two anyway) have started at 6:30am, because the de la Dream brothers have a radio show and you betta believe I’m listening live! If you didn’t, don’t fret! There are recordings you can listen to here. I then had to finish some reading (so. much. reading) and had class from 2-6pm.  This Thursday was luckily more successful than last Thursday, but to say the least it can still improve from here.  After class me and a friend went to an event for Hillsong Church, found ourselves craving ice cream afterwards and stumbled upon an ice cream store that changed my ice cream world.  Udderlicious is doing something right, I had peanut butter (typical) but it was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted.  We had a moment, or two, to just reveal in that sweet, sweet ice cream.  We are going back, no doubt.  Ended the night spontaneously re-watching Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.


And that brings us to today! Friday, again the day without any class.  I Skyped with the always lovely Sam de la Dream this morning, then I headed off to the bank to open an account.  Riveting stuff people!! Luckily, the bureaucratic system was in my favor today, and it went over quite well.  Next I was off to Boots for some Robitussin, only to discover that there are too many different categories to describe a cough…Next, I was back to Store Street Espresso for a little afternoon pick me up a la mode of a latte and fudge brownie.  I had an hour to kill, so I picked a dry bench in Russell Square Park, ignored the frigid wind, and enjoyed being outside, in LONDON.  Sometimes I forget I actually live here. When I do remember, it brings a cheesy smile to my face.  I think the fact that I used to be jarred and a little terrified of this fact, I’d say that London is growing on me.  Then, finally to end the week, I started training for my new job! It went over swimmingly, and I am super glad to be back in the buzz of a restaurant.  And I ended it all by a quiet tube ride home, in an empty car.


It ’twas quite a week! Another one bites the dust, crazy how fast it is starting to go.  Look for a weekend wrap up post in a couple days.  Happy weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by.

p.s. I’ve been jammin to this all week and probably won’t stop.


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