Nice, France // 3-5 October 2014

unnamed Ah France, what a wonderful place. It was just twelve years ago I was in France and it was just two years ago me and my mom (hi Nanny!) were in France again.  I figured it was about time for my return, and this time with a few classes of French under my belt. IMG_0454 A tube, a train, a plane, a bus, and our feet got us to a super-IKEA, super French apartment in Garibaldi  Square in Vieille Nice (aka Old Town Nice). I’ve been to Nice before as an elementary schooler, but man oh man, I must have not taken in how beautiful it is!! Friday after getting settled, we spent the late afternoon wondering the old streets, taking it all in and taking many a picture.  Everything was just so, well, French.  After some a lot of gelato, I got a pizza Niçoise for dinner and enjoyed the warm night.   IMG_0465 IMG_0456 image_5 IMG_0397 IMG_0367 IMG_0395 Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early to go to the famous farmer and flower market.  This was my highlight, and no other farmer’s market will ever compare.  The produce was stunning and smelt amazing, the lettuce smelt so good! (Random but true.) It was so rustic and vibrant, I am already missing all that produce. Not to mention the morning light. What is it about France and the tiny details?! Seriously, the light was every photographer’s dream. Afterwards, we enjoyed some coffee and croissants, then had an unsuccessful (very long) walk to the Matisse museum.  We decided after that fail, it was time for the beach, so we bussed it to Plage Beaulieu, had a baguette and brie for lunch, swam in the Mediterranean, sunbathed, napped, and chatted.  The sea was incredible, I had a little moment to myself in the water, swimming in a body of water I’d never been in, so far away from everything I’ve known was really humbling.  The day ended with a quick nap for me, and then out to a very sweet dinner with the ladies. IMG_0433 image_3 image IMG_0424 IMG_0418 image_2 IMG_0452 IMG_0449 image_6 image_7 IMG_0475 image_4 Sunday morning we woke up early (again) to get croissants and coffee (again), headed to the sea shore and watched the calm waters before we had to go to the airport. And (again), the light was amazing and the morning sky was so beautiful.  A bus, a plane, a train, and a tube got me back “home” to my little London flat, and I was greeted with an autumnal chill that was so foreign to the recent French Riviera weather.  It was a great little weekend getaway before the crispness of autumn and school truly kicked in.  I’ll be nesting in London for a few weeks, and I am eagerly looking forward to the rest of a lovely season. Stay tuned for a video of the trip, coming atcha soon!IMG_0497 IMG_0498


3 thoughts on “Nice, France // 3-5 October 2014

  1. Great pics Sammy. I loved Nice when I was there also. Went with a friend who grew up there. My favorite was the Sunday morning produce market. Nice to share in your adventures. Thanks for posting.


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