The Weekly Update

Hyde Park at sunset Seeing as studying abroad also includes studying not just being abroad, I’ll be spending the week days being (somewhat) productive. This week was interesting, including not knowing what the heck I’m doing, catching a cold, and a little more of not knowing what the heck I’m doing. Here’s a recap of this week:


I had my first class of the year, Architecture of London.  It was really interesting and it is on site, so basically I get a walking tour of historic buildings.  After class ended, the professor said “okay bye” and left us (mostly Americans) not knowing how to get back from Covent Garden.  So me and a fellow lost lady grabbed Shake Shack, and naturally I went big and got a burger, fries, AND a peanut butter milkshake. We proceeded to walk around London, not entirely sure where we were going, but chatting the whole time.  Around two hours later, we found ourselves back at UCL, just in time for me to attend the first Christian Union meeting of the year.  I saw some familiar faces and met some new ones, ate some skittles, and sang some great worship songs.  It was a great night! Despite completely and utterly loosing my voice from all the talking.


Second class of the year was a history course, which explores European political thought a la mode of Hobbes and Locke. Yay political philosophy! Class ended early so I found myself at Store Street Espresso hanging out for a few hours, listening to music and reading.  Ended the day peacefully in my little room trying to get over my cough (which was unsuccessful) but enjoyed the hours of downtime nevertheless!


This day included lots of sleeping.  Riveting stuff people.  Whenever I get sick, I always say “I never get sick, this is so weird!” but apparently it happens more often than I think. I can’t seem tofunction and I desperately need my mom.  Dayquil and Nyquil is just not cutting it.  I dragged myself out of my room to meet Natalie and Yvette for Honest Burgers in Soho and I am so glad I did.  Dang, I ate an incredible cheeseburger. Not to mention a little human interaction is good for the soul.  After the ladies headed off to a show, I headed back home after wandering the streets of Soho a bit.  Besides the brief interlude of exciting hamburgers and socializing, it was back to the riveting life, as I did my laundry and took an extra steamy shower to clear my sinuses.


I started my day today at the crack of dawn, waking up to listen to Dreamboat Radio over at Biola, La Mirada, California, as the one, the only Sam de la Vega debuted his new radio show that he does with his brother.  If you didn’t catch it live, be sure to check it out on SoundCloud here. It was quite the show, and I admit that I am bias (listen at 30:25 to see what I mean :) Be sure to tune in 10.30pm every Wednesday here! Sadly, the remainder of my morning didn’t remain as great as the start.  To keep a long, weepy story short, today just included a class I couldn’t find, switching classes, not finding a required reading in multiple libraries, more class I couldn’t find and ultimately missed.  Lost in translation I suppose.  The later afternoon was salvaged by a good class to end the week with, finally returning home at 6pm to pack. TO PACK FOR FRANCE. That’s right ladies and gents, lil’ ole’ me is heading to Nice, France tomorrow morning, and you better expect a post and many Instagrams to prove it.

Thanks for checking in, I am still alive and breathing (through my mouth only because I am congested, cute right?)


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